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UKM Wiki

A confederation of clubs playing Vampire the Masquerade in the UK.

New to UKM?

Wiki Maintenance

  • Here is an Index of all pages on the Wiki.
  • Here is a list of all the categories.
  • Here is our "To Do List".

Welcome to UKM Wiki

Welcome to the UKM Wiki located within this site are the UKM rules, Game terminology, explaination of character abilities and stats among other tools to provide help to the players, as well as growing storyline seeded by the storytellers and driven by the playerbase.

The Domains and their Kindred

Fluff about the Kindred of London, Portsmouth, Southampton, Sussex and more... To be filled in here

Current Events & News

  • Game Events Dates & Locations:
    • London: TBC
    • Portsmouth: Events Calender located
    • Southampton: Every other Monday located at The Juniper Berry, semi-open game starting at 8PM.
    • Sussex: TBC
  • UKM May Open - A larger than normal Vampire game, run by Southampton/Sussex/Portsmouth.
  • St Briavels UKM Weekender! - The 19th Annual UKM Weekender will be hosted at St Briavels Castle in Gloucestershire in November 2015. The Castle poses as a Youth Hostel these days, it was built in 1206 and at various times has been an Armoury, a Royal hunting lodge and a Prison! Accommodation is in bunk rooms (bedding provided) and will be self-catering. The castle can only hold 70 people so you will need to book early to ensure a place. For more information follow this link

Legal Notice & Misc

Legal Notice

The title "Vampire: the Masquerade" and associated concepts are copyright to White Wolf Publishing Inc. with all rights reserved. The use of any names, concepts and images covered by this copyright is, in no way, intended to be a challenge to the intellectual property of White Wolf Publishing. This booklet is not meant to be a substitute for any of the White Wolf™ source books, and as such we recommend that you at least purchase and read your clan book. This rule book (and all UK Masquerade sanctioned events) uses the supernatural for settings, characters and themes. All mystical and supernatural elements are fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. Reader discretion is advised.